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Title: Meaningful Messages: Leveraging the Power of Our Words

Speaker: Lisa Parry

It is impossible to list the numerous tasks teachers do, and decisions they make each day. In today’s educational context, teachers feel compelled to work in a way that is unhealthy and unsustainable. How can we refocus attention to the essentials? Bringing a minimalist mindset to education can help shed the burden of ‘too much’. Tammy and Christine will debunk myths about minimalist approaches, introduce decision-making tools to help participants reflect on current practices, and begin planning for a more sustainable future.

When: Sept 13, 2023  4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Title: Creating Systems of Support for Educators

Speaker: Michelle Robellard

Research says that providing educators with high-quality professional learning (coaching, mentoring, learning sessions, PLCs, and more) will contribute to the growth in teachers' knowledge and their practice that can lead to improvements in student outcome. One reason that we might not be getting the results that we are planning for is because our systems of support are not aligned, which can cause educators to be overwhelmed, confused, and may actually contribute to teacher burn out rather than the intended outcomes. In this session we will analyze the supports we provide educators and how aligned they are to the school and/or the district priorities. We will also brainstorm small actionable shifts to our support systems to increase the alignment. Join us to participate and learn more!

When: Oct 4, 2023  4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Title: Not One More Thing! Leveraging MTSS to Implement SoR

Speaker: Sarah Brown

Description: Implementation of Science of Reading practices are taking schools by storm. Professional development calendars, instructional coaching focus, and grade level team meetings are quickly transitioning to support educators to learn and implement these evidence-based literacy practices. And, in many places, the Science of Reading remains just one of a number of priorities that need to be addressed this year. Join us to explore how to use current MTSS infrastructure to support educators to implement the Science of Reading. We'll consider how the data you already collect, the teams that already meet, and the protocols you already use can be leveraged to maximize student outcomes and system change.

When: Nov 14, 2023  4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Title: Tapping into Educators' Strengths: The Power of Instructional Rounds Reimagined

Speaker: Vicki Wilson

Imagine the possibilities of Instructional Rounds where educators' strengths are explored to empower and transform teaching practices. Let's explore a strength-focused approach that unlocks the potential of collaborative learning from peers. Discover how this innovative approach can revolutionize professional learning, drive positive change, and improve teacher satisfaction. Don't miss this opportunity to envision a new paradigm in instructional rounds.

When: Dec 13, 2023  4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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